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  • Abuse of Discounts
    The use of Discounts for all purposes must be in line with the intended purpose of the discount (see "Bagged Product Discount Policy," "Code Out Discount," "Sample Product Discount," etc). These discounts are regularly audited throughout the season to insure they are being used appropriately. In the event that suspect activity is discovered, an investigation will be conducted. Should the activity be deemed abusive the person responsible will be terminated (in the case of Dewey's company stores) or the Partner Store will be asked to take immediate corrective actions to insure future abuse is prevented.
  • Large Quantity Discounts
    Special consideration is given to customers ordering in large quantities (generally 50 units or more of an item). Please contact BJ at if you would like to discuss a large quantity discount for a particular transaction.
  • Product Returns
    Ordinarily, no cash refunds are provided from a Dewey’s Holiday Store. Under NO circumstances should customers be directed to return product to our Thruway or Reynolda locations. A customer with a receipt (either electronic or paper) may be provided with an exchange of product provided they return the unused portion of the product in the original packaging. If special consideration is required, please contact BJ at
  • Weekly Deliveries
    All store deliveries will be made on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week. Weekly store delivery schedules will be generated based on the order of the Weekly Inventory submissions. All stores will be delivered to every week, provided they have submitted a Weekly Inventory.
  • Weekly Inventory
    All stores must submit weekly inventories no later than noon every Monday. Failure to submit your inventory by the deadline may result in the cancellation of your weekly delivery.
  • Does Dewey’s coffee cake freeze well?
    If our coffee cake is placed in an airtight container or bag it will freeze exceptionally well for up to 6 months.
  • How should I store my Moravian cookies after I open the package?
    Moravian cookies are very sensitive to humidity and should never be left in the open in the open air for extended periods of time. To maintain freshness and the crisp/crunchy texture your cookies should always be stored in an air-tight container and stored at room temperature out of light.
  • Are there any nuts in our products?
    All of our fresh products are made in a facility in which nuts are used in other products. For allergen purposes we cannot guarantee any of our fresh products our nut-free. Our packaged products are produced by our sister-company, Salem Baking Company. These products have specific allergen statements on the nutritional labels.
  • Test Technical Question?
    Test Answer
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