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Fresh Orders

  • Fresh Product orders are available to our Partners provided the orders are picked up by the Partner organization

  • Click here for the Fresh Product Menu

  • Click here for an order form to take orders with

  • All orders must be submitted via the Portal.

  • The following conditions apply:

    • if this form is submitted before 5p, your order will be ready by 9a the following day (NO pick-ups on Sundays)

    • filling your order is subject to product availability

    • please arrive at our Thruway Shopping Center location, enter the general queue and identify yourself and the organization you are with to the member of staff that serves you

    • add-on's at the time of pick up are at the discretion of the Thruway management

    • you will be required to sign for your order

    • please remember all Fresh Product will be billed to your organization regardless of whether you sell it or not (no guaranteed sales)

    • please only submit ONE order per day (please consolidate all orders each day to a single submission), this reduces the opportunity for error

Fresh Orders


  • Each store has been provided with 1 case (100 units) of Moravian Sugar Cookies Sampling Sleeves and 1 case (100 units) of Moravian Spice Cookies Sampling Sleeves for sampling throughout the entire season.

  • Click here for the Sampling Calendar

  • These cookies SHOULD NOT be inventoried or rung through your POS system...they have been reserved exclusively for sampling.

  • Sampling should be conducted according to the calendar below.  The number on the calendar represents the number of bags of cookies that should be sampled throughout the day.  

  • All products will be sampled via the domes provided at your location.

  • The sampling domes should be kept clean and neat at all times, the trash bin should be regularly emptied and the area around the sampling dome should be kept neat and clean.

  • Samples should be made into bite-sized pieces by breaking the product in half or quarters.  

  • Excessive crumbs in the sampling dome should be removed periodically throughout the day.

  • Moravian cookies, when left unsealed, will stale quickly...samples should be put out sparingly according to the flow of your customers.  Samples should be sealed in a ziplock bag to preserve freshness.

  • For Partner Locations ONLY:  if you wish to sample additional products, you may do so at a discounted cost (35% off retail).  All product you choose to sample must be run through the POS system as a "Sample" charges will be made at settlement.

Coffee Cake Handling

  • It is very important to plan and maintain an adequate supply of coffee cakes on your shelves at all times.  Use this calendar as a guideline for determining the number of coffee cakes maintained on your display.

  • Although not desirable, a customer may be offered frozen/partially thawed coffee cake as a last resort in order to avoid a loss of sales.

  • All coffee cake held in freezers should be fully tempered before placing in sales area

  • To temper product:

  • Remove product from freezer

  • Remove from outer box (if still packaged in master case)

  • Write tracking date on bottom of box with marker (see procedure below)

  • Place product in SINGLE LAYER on a table or other surface (e.g., top of freezer)…DO NOT LAY ON FLOOR

  • Allow product to warm up for 30-45 minutes

  • Product should be soft and cool (rather than hard and cold) before serving

Coffee Cake Handling

Weekly Inventory

  • Use this sheet to assist you in your weekly inventory count.

Weekly Inventory
Bar Code Sheet

Bar Code Sheet

  • Use this sheet to scan items that do not have bar codes printed on their packaging.  

Know Your Money

  • Click here to view important information to help detect counterfeit money.

Know Your Money

Moravian Star Assembly Instructions

  • Click here to view instructions for assembling a Moravian Star.

Moravian Star Assembly
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