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Way's to Maximize your Sales....

Below are going to be some ways you and your group can Maximize your Sales

~ Being Open Prime Time..... 11am-7pm is typically when people are out and about doing their holiday shopping. Being open at this time is a great way to ensure you are not missing the crowd...

~ Marketing! Getting the word out about what your group is trying to raise funds for is always a great way to get your community behind you and your organization. The more they hear it the more they will want to try it!

~ Social Media Post... We are all guilty of checking our social media. Posting Images of your store or some information on your organization and it's location, This is the best way to get to everyone in your town and beyond. Make sure to tag @Deweysbakerywinston ... & also your local pages as well & Share.. Share... Share.

~ Sell outside of your store..... Getting out to your local parades or even the holiday markets are a great way to get a little extra exposure!! The options are endless.

~ Reaching out to local Business to see if they would like to have Dewey's as their Corporate Gift Options this Holiday Season.

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